Nov 9, 2018

Don’t Get Rob Vicious confused with these other pretenders


by khoward


Shoreline Mafia is on the verge of having a huge 2019 and one of those reasons are the consistency. Whether it be the whole group or individual success, there aren’t any weak links and today Shoreline Mafia member Rob Vicious returns to our page as he revisits his “Traplantic” project with his newest video for the single “Ain’t Me

Produced by Taylor Gang‘s Sledgren, The L.A. Rapper gasses this beat and proves why he’s underrated in the solo aspect as he reminds his listeners that even on his worst days you could never emulate or be the fake version simply because you aren’t Rob Vicious. With the group selling out shows along with dropping their own solo content I’m excited to see what’s next for the collective.

In the meantime, watch Rob’s newest video and get hip to Shoreline Mafia if you’ve been living under a rock this whole time.