June Morales

by June Morales


Broward County producer and artist Shiloh Speights debuts on our pages with this artistic visual and single known as “FALLACY.” The visual was directed by Shiloh, shot by South Florida based videographer @clou9cinema and edited by South Florida based artist @10d4ys. The track was produced by Nion – an introspective look into accepting that you and someone you care for are growing apart. The visual beautifully suits the song – Shiloh is smoking in his car thinking about the situation and facing the facts. Short and sweet yet there is so much for the audience to perceive. Everyone has been through moments in their life, whether it’s friends, family or a love interest when you come to the realization that you must distance yourself from them. I feel this is a nice memento of those emotions being expressed through song and visual. Shiloh Speights is an artist that is going to give you more than a standard song or visual, he has his own thing going for him and I look forward to seeing what 2020 and on have in store for this promising star. For updates and more please visit his website: SHILOHSPEIGHTS.COM

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