August 30, 2022

SandFlower takes a quantum leap


The home of several natural born entertainers and creators, rising Brooklyn-native Sandflower is definitely next in line for some great notoriety with her new album The Quantum Seed – an ode to her mystical journey and beyond.

Sandflower created this album out of the pure need to let loose, express, and fulfill her need to create and give light to her experience on earth. Spicy, outrageous, and free, The Quantum Seed is now available for streaming on all digital streaming platforms. “The Quantum Seed is me reaching out into the universe and beaming my signal. This album is a call to anyone who thinks and vibrates on a different wave.” - Sandflower

As a multi-disciplinary visionary - Sandflower's sound is eclectic and powerful with a mystical essence. Fascinated by quantum physics, inspired by high fashion and fine art, Sandflower speaks to those who stand out because they’re different.

Tell us about your music career so far and what inspired your journey

My music career has been an adventure. It's been a learning process, it's been a journey through different phases, different countries, different sides of music and the music industry. It's been an inspiring journey because I learned a lot about myself.

Could you tell us about your creative process?

In general, my creative process is like throwing paint on a canvas. It could be a song, an outfit, or a painting. I don't give myself too many boundaries. I let myself go.

What is your creative process with music?

I typically start raw from scratch with a beat and a little bit of melody, and the producer builds around that.

Tell us about your latest project

The Quantum Seed is a collection of songs that really tell my story and it's music that combines different types of genre. This is my first full body of work and I really feel like you could a vibe for who I am from this body of work.

Is there anyone in this industry that you feel you take inspiration from or could see yourself collaborating with?

I actually try not to get inspired by other artists because I really want to give myself an opportunity to be unique. I love Doja Cat, her lyrics, and her approach. And I love Lizzo she's a music, and I love that she plays multiple instruments. I love both of them and that could be a really cool tour.