Sep 3, 2018

The Pnthn continue to impress.


by GregGaffney


One of my personal favorites of the year, PNTHN, drop off their 7-track rampage of an EP titled Rico. Rico is their third full project, and it acts as the follow up to their well received mixtape, POTLUCK, which really put PNTHN on the national map. Rico is entirely produced by Romby, and his personal flavor of heavy bass-driven beats with eerie melodies gives the perfect playing ground for the remaining members of PNTHN to swoop in with their rapid fire verses.

Rico builds on some of PNTHN’s strengths, with each artist bringing their unique flows and rhyme patterns, all while having a distinct Texas “throwed” twang to their verses. As seen on POTLUCK, PNTHN has no problem omitting verses, instead trading them out for only more energetic verses. Rico as a whole takes an occasional darker approach than POTLUCK, both in production style and lyrical style. After the success of POTLUCK, PNTHN has been heavily involved in the show circuit of Texas, and perhaps all those late nights of debauchery have leaked in to their content, giving more feel to their punk-like tendencies.

Check out Rico below.