Though Hip-Hop developed off of the strength of its lyricism, pain, and scope into urban life, it’s now progressed into many different things. Now, being fun and enjoyable is just as much an endearing quality as spewing double entendres, and it’s shown. One artist that’s a product of this environment is Marcus, a San Jose native who’s splashing on the scene with his fluid new EP, RAV4.

At 6-tracks, the flow of RAV4, and how well it all bridges together for 12-minutes might be the most impressive part. While there are definite standouts — “Hold Me Down” and “Turbo” to be exact — for most of the EP, you find yourself focusing less on which song, on more on the fact that each of them is incredibly infectious. Utilizing the ever-popular sing-rap cadence to help drive home his hooks, Marcu$ proves that he might be here to stay for a while.

Take a listen to, RAV4 below and get familiar with the San Jose rapper.