Skinny Million$ just released his new album dubbed, Kelly Sl8er. The project is Skinny’s third release overall and his debut effort with Los Angeles based record label, VerySpecial Music. Skinny Million$ grew up in a musical family and always knew that rap music was his path to realizing his life’s goals.  

“This Kelly Sl8er project is a project that’s been accumulating my whole life. Even though this is my 3rd project that’s how I feel. It’s fully produced by Mitchell Dolphin and I believe it shows my growth. It’s about being my own style and it’s about me being the best at what I do. Kelly Slater is the best at what he does, he’s the Tony Hawk of surfing. My shit is water based too, with the Valley Waves we’ve been pushing,” Skinny Millionexplained. time and being your own person at the end of the day.”

The visuals for the lead single off  of Kelly Sl8er “Hol’ Up Wait” were shot and edited by German Vizcarra – the track was produced by Mitchell Dolphin. In the music video you see Skinny and company just hanging out in different settings, smoking and vibing. The lighting and editing are on point giving us a whole feel. Click the link below to view now.