Dec 5, 2018

Samron Agnew is bound for stardom in 2019.


by jgregory


Samron Agnew’s growing discography has not failed to impress me as it grows with hit after hit. After dropping what was, in my opinion, the best EP of 2018 with Screamo, Agnew has shown no signs of slowing down or becoming complacent. His track “At Me” shows off his rapidly improving flows, as he adeptly changes cadences and times his ad-libs perfectly to match the mood of the verse. This track has perhaps my favorite line of the year, saying, “Imma pop it at your wig like it’s 1776.”

Keep an eye on Samron. He has all the necessary talent and intangibles to become 2019’s breakout star, and if he continues to develop this quickly it seems this will be more of a question of when than if. “When I Die,” goes in a totally different direction as the previously mentioned track. Agnew slows down the pace and offers genuine insights on his personal life and the people in it.

This growing ability to deconstruct his own thoughts point to him becoming more of an all-around artist, as opposed to an energy-bubbling hitmaker. Check these two tracks out, and continue to follow Samron as the calendar changes. Don’t be surprised when you see his name on billboards soon.