May 24, 2018

“They can’t really tell me what to do, I probably shouldn’t tell them what we did.”


by liammccarthy


One of the biggest problems I have with modern pop music is the commercialism and over dramatization that often comes with it. Not only do the songs often lack real substance, but typical radio-chasing artists are known to weave through different styles depending on the current trend, usually resulting in a far-fetched and unauthentic record. Sam Austins is the anomaly, keeping his composure and artistic integrity while cranking out endless Billboard-worthy hits.

A native of Detroit, the 21-year-old has Motown in his blood and carries its’ signature rhythm with a more contemporary twist. His bubbly Take A Daytrip collaboration “Fiji” was the soundtrack to my summer, but I only started to really understand Sam Austins as an artist upon the release of his six-track album “ANGST” in November of 2017. Laced with incredible songwriting and successful experimentation, it gave new listeners a body of work to latch onto and has since created a devout fanbase that recently packed 650 people into a 500 capacity room for Sam’s first-ever headlining show.

In his second of two visuals styled by fashion icon Phillip Lim, the rising star takes us through a heartbreak on “Emotional.” Directed by Nico Poalillo and edited by Shane Ford, the alluring visuals offer a deep dive into the anxiety-riddled underbelly of youthful rebellion, highlighted brilliantly by the video’s increasingly disorienting style.

Stay tuned for a tour announcement from Sam Austins, and enjoy his new video for “Emotional” below.