by AHoward


Revenge is a peculiar concept. On one hand, we’re taught to forgive, though never forget, as well as to be as empathetic towards others as possible. On another, our natural human instincts tell us that we should be acting out, almost acting as the devil on our shoulder. For Utah native Vinniecassius, he decided to take those notions and create, Revenge Until Death, his aggressively creative new project.

Sitting at 10-tracks, the project is the perfect length for the message it was trying to convey. That message, to me, seemingly was that although revenge is sometimes complicated, and we know it’s not the right move, turning off our inner self is a lot more difficult than advertised. Throughout the whole project, Vinnie casually rips through every track with emotion and conviction, giving sweet justification to the pristine production that the project was blessed with, something his peers often struggle with.

Standouts from the project include, “500 Degrees”, “Holy Water” and the head-knocking anthem, “Posted”. Take a listen to the stream below and get familiar with Vinniecassius.