March 12, 2021

Brown skin in the wind, with the top back!

Yuni Morales

Harlem hip hop artist Saint Cassius has released a visual for his impactful track "Brown Skin Girls." The inspiraton behind the track was to combat the colorism brown skin women face within and out of the black community. The song was featured on Spotify's Black Lives Matter playlist for Black History Month Playlist. The playlist was curated by Keyon Harrold, Sr. who is the father of Keyon Harrold, Jr, the 14 year-old boy that went viral after being wrongfully accused of stealing Miya Ponsetto's cell phone in a New York Hotel. Keyon Harold Senior is a prominent Jazz player who appears in the Brown Skin Girls video as well.

With the history of this country's European standard of beauty, often the lighter you are the more beautiful you are and there are several examples of this with Black Women's skin being lightened in beauty ads and in rap songs that praise light skin women. As a new dad, Saint Cassius wanted to especially create something his daughter can refer back to remind herself that she's appreciated and beautiful. What an uplifting message over all about the importance of representation. Wait no further and check out the visual below to become a fan now if you aren't already!

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