Nov 28, 2018
Kyaira Ortloff

by Kyaira Ortloff


U.K. based singer-songwriter, Sailing Stones, formally known as Jenny Lindfors, has the voice of an angel and this is not an exaggeration. The name Sailing Stones originates from California’s Death Valley, rocks and land mass moving at their own pace, flowing with the evolutionary changes in life. The name is quite fitting for her, being that she consistently sings from a place of experience and knowledge through her own personal lens.

With her latest single, To Know Nothing At All (Telescopes), the song is saturated with a mesmerizing assortment of keyboard synths & drum kicks in which you can hear a Fleetwood Mac type of influence. Jenny gently and gracefully harmonizes with her own vocals in the background, as she speaks from her heart and spirit, and what she has done to preserve the innocence of both, taking quite a humble and innovative approach while doing this.

Her vibe is that of an adult contemporary sound, a genre decorated with crucial legends such as Elton John, Neil Young & many more.  Jenny is able to tap in and embody the emotion of the genre with much proficiency, establishing her own fortifying mark onto the Bristol music scene.

Press play to listen below: