June 03, 2021

Who gunna tell me ish?


I get a lot of artists who send me their music and honestly very rarely am I impressed. S3WAY just happened to be lost in the sauce of my DM's but I checked them and looked into his music. Thankfully, I didn’t have to look far for some fire! His first post was a snippet of a video for "Law & S3WAY. It's a banger, it has a beat that literally is insane and plays off of the law-and-order theme song. How he got that cleared, idk but it bangs. The beat is only the beginning of the swag this man has. His wordplay is effortless along with his relevance in this song. He says "I’m rare in these streets like my name is Mewtwo" c’mon bro, you are legit! His sound reminds me of Quapdad3000, it’s a lot of swag and confidence in his cadence. Check the song out below and let me know if you feel the vibe too.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_s3way/