Jan 16, 2019

by ASadler


“My chest is heavy but there’s so much more in me.” Bruh.

Well, I guess I’m starting today in my bag.  Ryan Frazier aka Six Six has me empathizing with his struggles in new single “Anxiety.” His beautiful falsetto runs sting like a bee, but it’s the way he rides along the beat produced by DvDx that makes this song such a showstopper, word to Danity Kane.

It’s got a slight pop bounce to it but he’s as raw of a Soul singer as they come. Ryan throws a momma line in there as well, to really make it true to the genre. “Mama always told me to be strong, but when all my strength runs out I’m filled with the inner emotions, conflicted by sorrow and doubt.” It’s like he’s reading us all.

It’s clear this came from a real, hurt place. Something about when someone takes their wounds and willingly opens them up for us all to see over a song that makes it connect. In a way, it’s upsetting but there’s a sense of security in knowing someone else feels the way you do. Nothing makes that more evident than his assertions “I told myself I was better than this” and “Somehow life goes on.” We know we’re better, but knowing and being don’t always connect. And yes, life does go on. We know that. That knowledge doesn’t make the pain any less severe.

For the talented vocalist out of Atlanta, this is his first release in quite some time. He’s released songs “Oceans,” and “Love” in the last few years along with a cover to SZA‘s “The Weekend.” He got his big break with a remix to Bryson Tiller‘s “Exchange,” which racked up 16k plays in just a few days. Evidently, he had something to get off of his chest much to our audible joy with this track. The song may not be joyous, but such quality output from Frazier after the hiatus is surely exciting. He was clearly inspired and you can feel it.

Ryan Frazier is looking to drop his next project titled Free Reign in the next few weeks, which is only more cause for celebration. A music guy since birth,  he’s had an array of performances at his home church, Turner Field in Atlanta, the 2013 NCAA Basketball Final Four. He even had the opportunity to open up for Jay Critch and H.E.R recently at Syracuse University.

If there are more tracks like this I’ll have the Kleenex ready. Whether it’ll be to wipe tears of sadness or tears of joy due to the dope music is still to be determined. Continue putting out heat, king. Check out “Anxiety” below!