by Patrick

Head of A&R // Editor

If you haven’t yet heard the multi-talented Rossi Blue then you’re in for a treat. Today is the musicians birthday actually. Suprise! I’m personally extremely siked on this release. I love the video and flat out cannot get enough of the song. Here, Rossi uncovers an unknown realm of the Detroit rap scene in his new single, Gucci Eyepatch. The track and video were conceived in just a few short hours, you can feel the energy of the room as the Detroit natives individually grace this Thibault and Jay Cribbs produced instrumental. The song is an instant banger, instilling high energy in listeners and demanding heavy head-nods from its bounce.  The eerie production,  blood-red lighting, to the impromptu performance styled video shoot ensure Gucci EyePatch has all the elements of a hit video. Rossi recruits Lex Lander, Tim Jewls & Paramaxx for their debut on the dark and energetic drop.

Press play on the Liam Walsh direct video below: