Aug 7, 2019

It all comes and goes, but it’s always better when there’s more


by Patrick

Head of A&R // Editor

Rossi Blue has been working on some incredible music. While I literally can not wait to share the special projects he has been working on, Rossi also tends to bless us with loose records and free-be’s here as he is a high volume artist and is always recording. The Flynt, MI creative surrounds himself with a barrage of talent producers, studio musicians, and songwriters so he is constantly experimenting with sonic options and different ways of delivering feelings through his music.

Over the last 30 days Rossi dropped off 2 different tracks a couple weeks apart The first track, eastwest was produced by cordot, a frequent collaborator of fan favorite Lucki. The song features hypnotic production with ambient key sounds echoing over a hard hitting, muddy kick drum laced with bouncy high-hats. Rossi hits his vocals with an upward pitch-shift creating and surreal, yet emotive sound as he covers the topics of passing time, compromise, and letting go. The second record does’t sound radically different, but features a more true to self vocal, although heavily coated in reverb, made to shimmer like a full moon across a placid lake at night. The production is provided by the incredible Cheer Captain, and holds a verse from Daniel Hex

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