May 30, 2019

Enjoy the video then give ‘Hidden’ a listen.


by dcoburn


Ronen has pulled up with a tremendous video for “Lost.” Last month Ronen released his debut EP Hidden, and we are now gifted with the visuals for its’ most favored track.

“Lost” is the product from the age tested story – a girl leads to a heartbroken boy  – the heartbroken boy loses his mind.

Though this is Ronen’s first string of solo releases, in his past he has made music with artists like Lil Dusty G and the late Lil Peep. 

Ronen’s ‘Hidden’ is a well-incorporated blend of many different musical elements: Jazz, alternative, hip-hop, pop. The diverse moods and emotions make it perfect for the ‘sad boy’ lifestyle while sharing a sound fit for many others. This EP can have you feeling uplifted, depressive, introversive, ready to call your ex, or ready to move on and forget their name altogether. After the video, give it a listen here and see what happens.