June 30, 2020



"Supernova Girl" is a refreshing change of pace matching her raspy Alto vocals up to quite simpler lyrics that are meant to be felt through the pulsating groove of its undeniably sick instrumental. Rocky fell in love and realized she was devoting too much time/energy towards love and decided to redirect her efforts towards building herself up and generating wealth with her many talents. On a deeper level, this song plays on Rockys' Raspy vocals which are paired with higher, jacked-up vocals. Her voice has been debated on the naturalness of it by College professors though it's quite common of women who grew up in NYC. Is it natural or is it the result of childhood trauma? Rocky pokes fun at naysayers by pairing with quirky, high vocals. In this video the director, FL. Visuals bring both modern and old school elements to this refreshing, quirky visual.