Sep 29, 2016

Robb Banks returns with the sequel to his 2012 debut mixtape Calendars.


by rsepulveda


Robb Banks returns with the sequel to his 2012 debut mixtape Calendars. 

C2: Death of My Teenage offers some of the cloud rap vibe that was found on Calendars, along with some harder hitting track. Whereas Calendars was more of Robb emulating his favorite rappers, C2 really shows Robb’s lyrical progression, as well as offering his own flow and sound. The mixtape features dope production from Wishbone, IndigoChildRick, Rockwell, Bomb Squad and Stain, as well as regular collaborators Nuez, Nuri and Nick Leon.

Standout tracks include: “Transporter”, “Stunt-Man”, “Byrds Flying”, “WutUwant”, and “Get It B4 I Die.”