Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year — or if you’re just not a Hip-Hop nerd like me — then you’ve definitely heard of ascending superstar Baby Keem. After capping off a brilliant 2018 with a few Grammy nominations for his efforts towards a few TDE projects, Keem returns with the playful video for his angst anthem, “Gang Activities.”

Capturing the overall essence of Keem in his most natural state, “Gang Activities” is the literal visual representation of, “Doing hoodrat shit with your friends,” to a tee. Following Keem and a couple beautiful women on an eventful stroll through downtown Los Angeles, we see plenty of shenanigans, including grocery store pranks, parking lot twerking and most strangely, a man tied up in a trunk. All of this is happening while being soundtracked to a thumping and ridiculously polished standout from Keem and Cardo’s 2018 joint project, The Sound Of Bad Habits.

Take a peek at the video below and be sure to get hip to Baby Keem. The man is closer to superstardom than you think.