Relationship woes have made for some of the best songs in music history. Granted, the pain is what drives the art, but there’s something about an artist wearing it all on their sleeve, hoping to simultaneously strike a chord within the listener, as well as looking for some form of self-therapy, that makes for pristine music. For Cleveland native, Vern, it’s his calling card, and the subject of his creative new video for, “Know You”.

Directed by Alex Dimarco, the video for this song is without a doubt one of the more engaging videos I’ve seen in the last few weeks. Chronicling a timeline of love that begins with an elated couple, and culminates with them arguing, the video does a fantastic job at candidly catching what really goes on in a relationship, not what’s on social media.

Vern soundtracks these scenes with a touching 4-minute song that showcases Vern’s immense potential as a blue-chip songwriter. Touching on the not-so-fun side of themes in relationships like insecurity, lack of trust and of course, growth, “Know You” is a solid and engaging video that’s worth a listen, especially if you’re going through something at the moment.

Watch the video below and get familiar with Vern.