Sep 20, 2018

by jgregory


BukuSteez is having an awesome year. His Topper Atwood produced mixtape Assume the Worst and array of other songs that landed in our pages are helping take Buku from an underground diamond-in-the-rough to a legit contender to be mentioned in the same breath as more established artists. If you haven’t seen him in our articles, you may have heard his song “All Out” that we premiered a little over a week ago.

Buku experiments with a new flow on the Austin Marc-produced track “Beat It Up” which was a pleasant surprise and a transition from his typical style.  In no way, however, is that a knock on his usual cadence, which shines on the project’s other track “Trapdoor,” produced by Bobby Johnson. Buku’s melodies are fantastic on the latter track and show the listener exactly why bukuSteez is the next big thing out of Tennessee.

Stream bukuSteez’s newest offering “bigworldep” here: