November 24, 2020

Spaced out vibes



From Texas to Arkansas, Rightfield has shaped the musical drive behind their fresh take on rock for years. After first releasing music in 2018, Reed Hoelscher and Jack Blocker searched for and found pure catharsis on 2020’s “Gone!” The spacey track is packed with a shoegazing atmosphere and tasty guitar licks to complement Rightfield’s fresh, twangy vocals. 

After being picked up by the newly formed Quadio Records earlier this year, Rightfield is holding all the cards right now. With immersive visual content in the works to back up their vault of quality songs, they’re focused on creating the full package to accompany their music, transforming Rightfield from just another duo into a powerful force with the brand image to match. Stay tuned for more from this new band, packed with potential, and stream “Gone!” today!

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Instagram: @rightfieldmusic