by DevinRobertson


Memphis’ Ricky Davaine is a full-blown rockstar. He combines his deftly crafted lyricism with an outstanding melodic ability. Davaine is another exemplary showing of the wealth of diverse talent bubbling up on the Mississippi River. The self-proclaimed Loverboy is back after a brief  hiatus with a smooth new track called ‘Nightcrawler.’ 

‘Nightcrawler’ is perfect song for summertime shenanigans. Over a lush soundscape crafted by Myles Jacob, Ricky Davaine details teleporting away with your girl in the most lavishly sung ways. The bubbly chorus will burrow its way into your brain and will have you belting out like the Shaquille O’Neal meme. If you’re lucky enough to spot Ricky coming then hide your boo quickly, but in all likelihood, you’ll never see him coming.