You know I like to look back on things that may not have gotten the proper attention, and the beginning of the year is an especially dry time for music due to everyone nursing hangovers. 2018 was an especially rough binge musically, but somehow 4 World by Moochieee flew under the radar. Not for long!

From the opening track “Designer” featuring DJ a-one, it’s clear he is a man on a mission. The D.O.A Ent signee is loud and proud, making it clear just who he is and what to expect from the 10-track project. “Noriega” he gets into more a lyrical bag, but two songs in it is obvious he has a knack for melodic choruses. Where some melodic efforts feel forced, his use blends quite naturally with the uptempo beats behind him.

Along with DJ a-one, Lil Co, Lil So and Slimesito appear on the project. The Lil So-featuring “Drive Thru” is features most faster flow and cadence, a fun listening experience but also an impressive display of skill. There aren’t too many who can successfully rap like that nowadays. With eight of 10 tracks having features, it could be easy for Moochieee to fall behind but I feel he truly shines. It speaks to his vision and the arrangement of the project.

Other bangers for me were “Straight Up,” “Like,” and “Let’s Do It.” Should we be shocked? This guy’s from Richmond, VA. They tend to breed talent when it comes to music. I genuinely enjoyed the project, though I’d like to see him play around with some different sounds. Definitely a strong effort from Moochieee and Private Practice Management is doing good work down there. I see potential for sure, and I look forward to what comes next out of that camp. Take 31 minutes out of your day and check out 4 World below. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.