Jan 21, 2019

by ASadler


It’s interesting that I’m so into the Boston rap scene lately, seeing as I dislike most things about the city. Yet here I am bringing attention back to October release Expensive Taste by Ben Grizz. The eight-track selection was packed with high energy, taunting, and hard-nosed bars. Grizz was buzzing after the success of tracks “Pops Tags” and “Mixed Up” but this project gave way to a true gem, “Steak & Rice.”

“Steak & Rice” is all about the finer things in life. He paints the picture of a baller in a tropical location eating lavish meals and enjoying the company of beautiful women. I’m especially a fan of the Polo Ralph Lauren baseball jersey. Boston guy wearing pinstripes is questionable but I’ll leave the MLB pettiness alone for today.

“Checks” is has a synthy beat but it’s true to the streets and a chant fit for all hustlers. All they’re about is the checks, right? Checks lead to the Gucci belts, shades and expensive bills at the club that you don’t have to worry about it. However, it’s more than staying within the street hustle. He encourages going the official route just as much and maximizing wealth.

“Raising Hell” is an honest acceptance of the chaos Grizz is causing by being successful. Some people in the world can’t handle when your light shines bright, and it throws their balance off. Grizz is unbothered and aware, but don’t think for a second he’s gonna let up.

I especially enjoy his ability to transition from the high energy squad anthems to the more laid back riders. He’s definitely a versatile artist who is sure to continue making moves. I’m not certain what it is to come next, but I’ll be on the lookout. You all should be too. Check out Expensive Taste below.