by NFabry


New to our pages is indie pioneer Khai Dreams, and with him he brings a timely EP full of summer tracks entitled Nice Colors. Born and raised in Eugene, Oregon, the half-Vietnamese artist is no stranger to his hometown transforming into a tropical wonderland over the summer months. With hot temperatures and one of the most impressive landscapes in the country surrounding him, its only logical that his latest EP sounds like paradise.

This album was far from a solo effort, though. Wizard Island and biskwiq take care of the genre-bending production for the entire project, experimenting with high-pitched guitar strums, retro synths, and countless other sounds that all morph together into something previously unheard of. Houston rapper Atwood also shines throughout the project, contributing to the laidback aura with his care-free bars.

Overall this project pushes the sonic boundaries of indie-rap music and will provide countless hours of relaxation this summer, so do yourself a favor and listen below on your favorite streaming service.