Dec 4, 2019

She infuses legend’s poetic words with progressive attitude for trippy point-of-view.


by Malc


Born to Iranian parents, Ranna Royce is an up and coming talent from the Bay Area looking to shine. Known for her political message, “Money Rose” follows up her previous effort, “Kay Ivey.” The new song sets up a breakout 2020 for the new star which includes the release of a forthcoming project. Today, she shares the acid-tripped visuals with clips of Tupac’s preaching.

“Money Rose” is an incredibly great finisher for the year, catching the attention of many for the forthcoming. She rages, “Trump got fees with ICE and made pops liable, But he reliable, work hard and likable. Now impossible, diabolical, Land of Navajo, paradoxical, Land of free, fake symbolical.” Check out the video below.