Rage Club is a skate brand based out of Cleveland, OH. Recently, the team went on a tour to premiere their full-length skate video “Dipped” filmed by DJ TOPGUN & decided to bring Freshie along for the ride. The gang put on live performances at the events where the skate video was premiered.

The pop-up events took place in Pittsburgh, PA, Ann Arbor, MI, Cleveland, OH, & Chicago, IL. The video also features artists, Lo Life Lane, & Young Jasper, as well as showcases some of the homies/skateboarders such as Nick Rainey, Tyler Hunger, Tyler Hanna (JTH), Cris Lesh, & Jalen Willis. The cut scene in the studio was when the whole Rage Club team, DJ TOPGUN, Freshie, & Young Jasper got in the studio to create the song “My Shoes” which DJ TOPGUN dropped. The footage was filmed by John Petras & edited together by DJ TOPGUN himself.