Nov 26, 2016

Check out the best songs we were listening to this week.


by Her


This week’s batch of best songs are fuckin’ crazy. From raw, true-to-hip-hop rhymesayers to new school wavemakers, we’ve compiled a booming bunch of records that’re sure to have you jammin’.

Check out the list below enjoy.

Solomonilla // “New Ferrari”

@solomonilla | @meltycanon

Solomonilla has been keeping the hits coming lately, and recently unloaded another jam in the form of “New Ferrari.” Produced by meltycanon, “New Ferrari” is a knockout record from the LA-based artist, who shows off his knack for catchy hooks and strong verses. This joint is one of his best records to date, and has definitely us excited for his upcoming project with meltycanon.


Rikki Blu // “LVL.2”

@rikkiblu | @cassicwav

Rikki Blu raps better than your favorite rapper, and he isn’t afraid to tell you that, though he definitely has a strong argument. He shows why with his most recent cut “LVL.2.” Produced by budding board slapper Cassic, “LVL.2” is a hard-hitting track that displays Rikki’s natural talent for making bangers, as this joint has some knockout verses and loads of energy, proving Blu to be one of the most important names to watch in the underground as we finish off 2016.


Tavis // “Gospel”


Tavis recently jumped onto my radar, and has since impressed with a great project entitled Over The Hill. The Sacramento native displays a promising skill set and level of talent that will surely carry him way past the moniker of an “underground rapper.” He has a special, soulful sound, and I look forward to what else he has coming.


Stealf Soulja & Aus Taylor // “Robbin’ Hood”

@stealfsoulja | @ausxtaylor

D.C. rapper Stealf Soulja just let loose a hard-hitting track titled “Robbin’ Hood,” and it’s a doozy. Featuring fellow DMV rapper Aus Taylor, “Robbin’ Hood” is a menacing cut that rides an eerie, speaker-rocking instrumental from Kojo, and all comes together for a pretty great track overall. It’s the latest teaser for Stealf’s impending project The Stoned Introvert, which is due to drop sooner than later. Definitely be sure to look out for that, as “Robbin’ Hood” portends a strong project from the budding D.C. rhymesmith.


Vaughny Vo // “Tropicana”


South Florida has another hitmaker in the wings, and his name is Vaughny Von. He’s riding a nice wave courtesy of his viral record “Tropicana,” which has an infectious energy about it that’ll surely have you moving. He has a fun sound and flow that makes him and easy listen, and if “Tropicana” is any indication as to what he can do, then he has an extremely bright future coming up.


Gosh Pith // “Gold Chain”


Gosh Pith is a new favorite of mine, but damnit they are SO GOOD! I have not been able to stop listening to their track “Gold Chain” since I found it this past week, and that’s just a small taste of the hidden gems on their soundcloud. I’m still delving in myself, but holy shit, these guys are great. Keep an eye out for more from them, as I think they’re going to be huge.


gianni & kyle // “we ain’t”


gianni & kyle have been making major waves lately, with their track “fuckboi” going viral on Youtube and Spotify, to the tune of over 500k total streams in just over a month. Their latest smash comes in the form of “we ain’t,” a vibrant and upbeat track that rides an incredible instrumental from frequent collaborator Kojo. Overall, “we ain’t” is arguably the strongest hit they’ve released thus far. Look out for more from these guys, as they’re primed to be big-time name soon enough.


smokepurpp & Larry June // “datwaydisway”

@smokepurpp | @larryjunetfm

smokepurpp has been simply blowing up this whole year, and finally unloaded his debut project entitled Up Now, Fuck Next. It’s a short but sweet project that features his enviable talent for raucous bangers and anthemic hooks, which is part of what has made him so popular. One of the project’s standout records in “datwaydisway” featuring the Bay Area’s new legend Larry June. It’s an insane track that has been getting played nonstop by me, and evidently hundreds of thousands of others. Keep an eye on lil water as he is sure to be one of the games hottest names in 2017.