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Emotional producer and songwriter Pvrception releases juxtaposed music video for No Luv from Poison Tongue Boy debuted in February of 2019. The video production featuring Tristan Wilson, the projects solo songwriter, was filmed and directed by Timekeeper Media in Austin, Texas. The visuals highlight the duality of the artist Pvrception, as he effortlessly blends Rock, Trap, and Electronic styles into a sound never heard before.

Here’s what the artist himself has to say about the writing process of No Luv:

This song is one of my most spontaneous pieces. I had never exactly planned to make a Pvrception song of this weight and caliber, but it was only a matter of time before I combined my heavy rock influences with my recent hip hop influences into something wild and new. It began on a boring summer night when I asked my friend Colton (IG@soggy_toaster) to come over and jam. He is a huge metal and rock fan, so we’ve always clicked on playing music. The song began as an instrumental beat after Colton put down the main bass line and I put down the guitars and drums. It wasn’t for a few days, until a depressing night alone, when I wrote all the lyrics to the song in my car in the skatepark parking lot. I had just gone through an extremely confusing time with a girl I was into and was feeling pessimistic about every aspect of my social life and self. It’s safe to say, this song was one of the most painful to write, and is one of the most liberating to perform.

Listen to the debut EP Poison Tongue Boy now on all streaming services, and follow Pvrception on social media to stay on top of his movements.

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