Omar Lupuku, better known by his stage name Puku, is a new comer to the music industry and read to dive in as he gears up for the full-length release of his debut album.

Up until the present time, Puku has released a single titled 30 Days. The single was able to draw attention via the Soundcloud platform and highlight his innate sound. Following the release, the New York artist moved to Miami, FL. In Miami, Puku found the sweet spot for inspiration and creativity and is currently completely his debut album. In the process, he’s teamed up with Grammy-Award winning engineer Gary Bannister on the self-produced record. Puku’s debut project is sure to make waves upon its release.

Puku’s most recent drop on August 16th, the single Think of You, allows us a look into the world of Puku. While sultry in lyrics and production, the songs serves as an ode to a lost love. It highlights a shift in sound and approach to his music, opting for a slow and vulnerable version of himself. He asks What did I ever mean to you?, clearly aching from a recent parting with a lover. Simple key notes are heard through the entirety of the song, placing emphasis on Puku’s voice and struggle as he tries to bear the pain of an unrequited love.

Check out, and feel the song for yourself: