Jul 31, 2019

The young artist is originally from Monroe, Louisiana but now resides in Seattle.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

ProjectKidd is a hot new artist that should be added to everyone’s radar and he has just revealed a compassionate new track and video titled, “Goin Thru It”. ProjectKidd is currently from Seattle but originally from Monroe, Louisiana and he recently signed with Shawn Cotton a week ago. Shawn has recently been trying to use his platform of SayCheese Media to help get rising artists out of their current situation and on to bigger things like a record label. I applaud Shawn for that and I applaud him for signing ProjectKidd because ProjectKidd is authentic and has a strong sense for his musical capabilities.

The video is shot by Mello Vision in the south as he spotlights ProjectKidd explaining the realism of the street life and his personal accounts with it. ProjectKidd gives detailed accounts about what he and his guys are about and stand for as they undeniably have the rising emcee’s back through thick and thin. Keep your eye on ProjectKidd as he is striving to make waves in the music industry under the wise guidance of Shawn Cotton.

Enjoy “Goin Thru It” below.