by dcoburn


For your enjoyment, 18-year-old Boise based filmmaker Seth Ondrick/AKA Sondays has been spending his summer in the lab making some top tier visuals to some amazing songs. This young, blossoming artist’s current collection of work runs a deep and stunning resume. In addition to being a motor for – and a continuing influence in a growing Boise hip-hop community, Ondrick’s impressive catalog includes releases with national artists, including Lil skinzo, Keshawn and Orlando’s rising star Svrite. Besides being a wizard with music videos, Ondrick also services out video edits, shoots photography and video recaps for live music.

The story Seth has to tell about how it all started is like that of many artists – having faith in jumping off the deep end. When he was in middle school he began to take film classes.”By the time I was in high school, I began to like those classes a little too much.” Ondrick said. “I shot a Smokepurpp show. The tour investor saw me filming and came up to me and asked if I wanted to shoot Keshawn’s and Smokepurpp’s set. I was like ‘yeah I’m down!'” That night he finished the edit and sent it back to the investor on Purpp’s team. After an impatient wait, the response Ondrick’s gets the next day from the tour investor was “Call me.”

The investor wanted to put the then 17-year-old kid on a plane and fly him out to Seattle. And as only a junior he was faced to make the decision: enroll and attend his fall semester or go to Seattle for a couple weeks and collaborate some of the best in the business. “So I ended up going to Seattle and ended up staying so busy that I ended up dropping out of high school. I haven’t been back to school since.”

To keep up with everything this young creator is up to, check out his website thesondays.com, follow him at @sonfilms and subscribe to his Youtube channel @Thesonday

On his latest release Sondays teamed up with Roo Nostalgia for “Demons Vs. Angles (One Take)” Ondrick flexes his very real talent by appropriately creating the video’s entirety in one take. The visual is a fitting balance between contemporary video effects and the natural emotion of the song conveyed through Roo Nostalgia’s profound sonic ability.

Sondays also recently dropped off something close to a masterpiece with his work on Andrew’s soulful jam “Take 1.”