Nov 8, 2018

PNTHN throws out the budget and crushes their latest visual with a DIY approach


by GregGaffney


These kids just keep getting better. The San Marcos collective is back with a night vision visual for “Fi-Lo”, which is one of their stronger cuts off of their recently released EP, RicoPNTHN‘s previous videos have been seemingly big productions. For instance, for their video “Henny Dreams” they recreated several Quentin Tarantino film scenes. The analog, DIY feel of the Chris Henriques visual for Fi-Lo feels like a comfortable situation for the rap group.

Considering the song takes much more dark undertones than some of their previous Texas trill-inspired beats, the night vision and headlamp props for this visual feel aligned with the feel Fi-Lo offers. The crew, kitted out with body mounted flashlights, mosh around from dark scene to dark scene, keeping the energy of the video a bit disorienting, which makes a ton more sense if you’ve ever caught one of their group performances. The chaos of a dozen bodies flying around on stage while they pummel the crowd with verse after verse can feel a lot like this video for Fi-Lo feels.


Check out the video below and keep it locked on PNTHN.