Dec 3, 2019

Pink Chanel Dior has a hit on his hands.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

Pink Chanel Dior is a rising artist who hails from Miami, Florida and his latest offering, “Hold On” is a must-see. The young and talented’s most well-known track “Maradona” is the song that started generating buzz around his name and he now returns with his second video in order to build on and capitalize on the buzz. Pink Chanel Dior hops on a guitar-riff driven instrumental with various other synth effects and ultimately acts as a perfect platform for Pink Chanel to elevate his impactful verses over. Pink Chanel Dior is able to construct some infectious and memorable verses paired with an anthemic hook that fully encapsulates this solid track.

The music video is captured by @snapzdigitalpros who highlights Pink Chanel Dior in his hometown on a turf football field and nearby urban areas while implementing slick edits. Snapz adds in vivid purple coloring which is prevalent throughout and various other visual effects in order to enhance how great of a track it is into a visual.

Get hip to Pink Chanel Dior and “Hold On” below!