January 27, 2018

The famed producer knows how to play his cards.


When Pi’erre Bourne sent three beats to Trippie Redd a year ago, he didn’t know what he was getting himself into. The “Magnolia” producer didn’t have any specific intentions for the instrumentals, but was rightfully pissed off when 6ix9ine used one of the leftovers for his breakthrough single “Gummo.” (The other two tracks from Pi’erre came to life on “Poles” and “Oowee,” both of which were approved releases from the buzzing beat-smith).

Due to Bourne’s discretion, “Gummo” wasn’t officially released until a month after the viral video hit YouTube. A combination of complete leverage and a team of lawyers apparently led Pi’erre to successfully argue for 75% of the royalties on the track, as revealed in a recent tweet reading, “I get 75% on Gummo.” The above-average percentage is certainly putting more money in his pocket, and is also being used as a teachable moment for aspiring producers.

Pi’erre continued to voice his opinions on Twitter, offering a word to the wise by saying, “This is for all the producers at home tryna make it. This for producers who get they beats stolen. Get a lawyer and keep yo foot on these niggas necks. Get what you deserve.”

Instead of approaching the unauthorized release of “Gummo” by attempting to remove the track from existence, Bourne gave the song time to build buzz, and swooped in with a team of lawyers when the ball was completely in his court. Take notes.