Grammy-nominated producer Cardo has been one of the most consistent beatmakers of the last half-decade, at least. He’s also been at the forefront of helping to break a few artists, including Baby Keem and Payroll Giovani. Although Pi’erre Bourne is far from an unknown talent, Cardo strikes again as he provides the perfect showcase for Pierre’s underrated talents on, Pi’erre & Cardo’s Wild Adventure.

Letting Cardo handle most of the production, the tape is definitely a different type of outing for fans familiar with Pi’erre as more than a producer. On tracks like, “Fiji,” Cardo lays down a bed of groovy, extraterrestrial synths over breathtaking drum breaks, allowing Pi’erre to spend the whole song absolutely floating, while songs like, “Death At A Funeral” highlight their budding chemistry over fun, bouncy lyrics and sounds.

Though the 14-track tag is a bit long by today’s standards, the project never gets stale — despite a few skips like, “Bearbrick” — as each song is under 3-minutes aside from, “Motorola,” which, when you hear it, is easily forgivable.  With Cardo and Pi’erre both capping off excellent years in 2018, it’s no surprise that Pi’erre & Cardo’s Wild Adventure would be just what we needed to finish the year our.

Bang the project below and get familiar with the fresh duo.