Optimystical is a unique 5-piece group (Pianist Cara Nassar, Bassist J.J. Tusick, Frontman Keynan Willis, Drummer and Producer Lyle Begiebing) reigning out of Phoenix, Arizona. All band members come from entirely different backgrounds. They have just released their sophomore EP titled “Void Of” on 2/29/2020 (all produced by Lyle Begiebing as @thepartyupstairs). They released their lead single “All types of Love” on Valentine’s Day.

Their first project released in 2018, titled “Smile and Wave” received a warm reception – it was the confirmation they needed that they’re on the right track. They decided to take a different approach to their sophomore EP “Void Of,” from the tone of the tracks to the recording process. “On the second EP “Void Of”, the band reached into the deep vault of unfinished tracks and chose 5 songs that were written first with piano/synth loops as opposed to guitar, opting for more experimental and emotional tones with “big, singing from the rooftop” feelings” Drummer/Producer Lyle Begiebing expressed about the creative process for “Void Of.”

I really enjoy their music, they incorporate beautiful melodies and vocals along with their Emcee frontman’s rap skills. A style of music (Hip-Hop infused with indie music) we haven’t heard come together so well in a while. I am excited to see what’s to come for Optimystical in 2020 and beyond! I highly encourage you to kick back and take a listen to this sonically infused masterpiece.

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