May 16, 2019

Kur’s new track will have you wanting to replay it over and over.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

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Kur has just blessed his audience with a new track and visuals titled “Planets”. Kur has a very recognizable voice and speedy flow that will leave you with a grimacing face questioning how can he rhyme like that. Kur truly is in his bag with this one as it is only a minute and thirty seconds but as previously mentioned, Kur’s presence on the track is so assertive it does not need to be any longer. Kur says it like it is and anyone can hear it in his voice, the passion and grit he emits is undeniable.

In the video, Kur is solo and deep in the woods talking his talk right to the camera. The video shots vary at relatively fast speeds to match Kur’s tempos and the edits match the persona of the whole song as well. Kur has an anticipated album titled Shakur dropping May 24th and he has confirmed this song is not even on the album. Considering that it is not on the album solidifies the quality that Kur strives for even if his throwaway of “Planets” is, by all means, a certified banger.