July 25, 2022

Red Bull Records rapper Peter $un is going to make you look inward


peter sun

Check it out as Peter $un returns with an absolute gem of a song with his soft and yet still pungent "Metamorphosis" record released via Red Bull Records. The song is an introspective look into the Richmond-bred / LA-based artist's world of personal growth. There's no doubt the most recent release transforms the finest quality dirt into world-renowned art, just like his song says and we love it.

With his new EP, Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety, Peter $un gives listeners a cathartic ride through his season of transition hence the lead single "Metamorphosis (Butterfly." Breaking out of the cocoon of his personal experiences, Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety began as a therapeutic outlet for Sunny after the death of his older brother.

In a time when many people are struggling with mental health in the post-COVID-19 world, Peter $un made an effort to release this song during Minority Mental Health Awareness Month (July). This six-track EP has themes of personal growth, self-awareness, escapism, and retribution. The project concludes with "U Smell Like Da Color Yellow," — an eloquent nod to the neo-soul movement and his mother, who first introduced him to the power of music as therapy.

This project is a must listen and we can't wait to dive into more of Peter $un's thought provoking and healing music. Watch Peter's newest visual "Metamorphosis (Butterfly)" below. and listen to ‘Phone Calls Gimme Anxiety’ via Red Bull Records / Mind of a Genius here below: