Oct 15, 2018

by TRummel


300 Entertainment is most known for their hip-hop artists (Migos, Famous Dex, Fetty Wap), but, recently, they’ve been growing a more diverse roster, and, Paris, a newcomer blending pop, punk, and hip-hop elements, is one of their most exciting acts.

This past Friday, the budding artist released one of his most affecting tracks, “Fall”, and, while it’s certainly angst and confidence-driven, it’s still insanely catchy and empowering as well. As per its sonic aesthetic, the pop-punk and alternative-hip-hop kids will love this one, but, even for more genre-neutral music fans, “Fall” will serve as a well-constructed track that doubles as one of the most anthemic singles of the year.

If you’ve got roughly three minutes and change to spare, listen to this one, and be sure to catch Paris if/when he plays a show near you.