Apr 2, 2019

Ohtrapstar debuts a pair of new tracks.


by Mike_Squid


Ohtrapstar is making his return to our radar with a pair of new tracks. Released just a few days ago, “100Bricks” and “All I Want” show two seemingly polar opposites of the talented young artist. “100Bricks” is a lively and energy filled new single that features a neck-snapping instrumental and plenty of contagious Trapstar adlibs. On the other end of the sonic spectrum, “All I Want” is a decidedly more minimalist approach both instrumentally and melodically that showcases Trapstar’s potential as he takes on a more subdued delivery style.

Regardless of which is your personal favorite, Trapstar’s growth is evident as he continues to incorporate new styles and approaches we look forward to hearing what comes next.

Press play on each of the new tracks below.