Stacking street-savvy bars with a gravelly growl, Slayter proudly stands up for his NYC neighborhood. Continuing his already-prolific 2020 with hard-as-nails new music, Slayter shares “Louis V Umbrella,” his new video single. Boasting eerie pianos fit for a slasher film, “Louis V Umbrella” provides an excellent canvas for Slayter and guest rapper Sada Baby to get creative with their smack talk: “Real whoop business, who wit it?/Shoot him in the head and make him feel his true feelings/Who did it? You better not rat, ay/I beat a nigga dead with a bat, ay,” says Sada Baby. With his controlled delivery, Slayter provides an excellent foil for Skuba’s manic antics, rhyming matter of factly about his expansive bankroll: “Coulda bought a car, but I spent that shit on a Rollie/Nigga’s lucky they ain’t got a chance to meet the old me.” In the video, Slayter and Sada gather a crew and post up in several NYC locations, counting bands, flashing jewels, and imitating Sada Baby’s dance moves. “Louis V Umbrella” is the first single from World Got Me Fucked Up Vol. 1, Slayter’s upcoming mixtape, coming soon via Cinematic Music Group.

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