Dec 9, 2019

NWM Cee Murdaa has been quickly ascending over the past few months.


by jcaramanno

Submissions Manager

NWM Cee Murdaa is a front-runner out of St. Louis, Missouri alongside fellow city native 30 Deep Grimeyy, and his latest offering is a remarkable music video, titled “Try Again”. Cee Murdaa takes up a highly melodic presence on the extremely rhythmic instrumental and he proceeds to construct an awfully infectious and memorable hook that carries out into equally anthemic verses. NWM Cee Murdaa clearly has an ‘it factor’ and it is only a matter of time until the rest of the industry begins to notice the amount of talent waiting to be nurtured in this skilled individual.

The music video is shot by @KeJuanBlake and he creates some cinematic visuals with some zippy edits which overall further enhances how great of a track this is. Cee Murdaa’s confidence and swagger is on display the whole time as it is evident he is ready for his time to come and I am excited to watch him continue his journey.

Please get hip to NWM Cee Murdaa and enjoy “Try Again” below!