by jcaramanno

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$not has been an increasingly more prominent artist over the past few months as he is certainly becoming a more forefront artist in 2020. He has recently just gifted his fanbase an anthemic new offering along with Maggie Lindemann, titled “Moon & Stars” and it is hard to box this track in just one genre. Considering how different $not and Maggie’s cadence is, they counter-act each other for such a great balance over the rhythmic Tommy Ice produced instrumental. $not’s consistency only increases his fanbase and exposure as he is also still growing as an artist and it is clear that he is keeping his foot on the gas.

The music video is masterfully directed and edited by @freeomarjones as he captures $not and Maggie riding through the California hills in a vintage car until they go through a tunnel and get transported to outer space. The visuals become cinematic at this point as the whole car teleports into space as the edits become incredibly lively to enhance the track and Maggie’s gripping verse towards the end. Overall $not is gearing up for a huge 2020 so get ready for the plethora of heat from the rising star.

Enjoy “Moon & Stars” below!

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