Aug 20, 2019

While I understand no words, the sonic appeal of this track is undeniable.


by jgregory


The language barrier has been an unfortunate obstacle in my learning about the hip-hop communities in other countries, but the more I listen and attempt to break through this difficulty the more I fall in love with European music. Norway’s Pen Gutt is a phenomenal talent making music that is equal parts bedroom pop and his personal blend of cloud rap. His vocals on “SYKLE UTEN HENDER” are gentle and whimsical, showing a great ability to deliver lines melodically, but the breezy twinge to his voice leads to a quite indie-poppy atmosphere that is easily sonically accessible to American listeners. The track features Bronse who offered solid guest vocals and added a new layer to this track.

Watch the “SYKLE UTEN HENDER” visual here: