Music videos have lost some of their collective intrigue. There could be many reasons for this, but mainly, I believe it falls on the shoulders of DIY culture. With everybody considering themselves a master of all trades, some trades are being blatantly disrespected. For Las Vegas native, Pocean, his new video for, “Ms. Parker” breaks all of the current stereotypes, to deliver a fun ride.

Directed by CMDeluxe, “Ms. Parker” is an uber creative tribute to the beautiful two-timing MILF from the cult classic, Friday. Playing on the scene from the movie where Craig & Smokey first introduce Ms. Parker to the audience, the creativity from the video is perfectly matched on record with Pocean delivering clever, infectious bars like, “I’m wearing all black today. Dearly departed.”

With Vegas beginning to build up a buzz around it’s developing musical presence, expect to hear more heat from Sin City. Until then, press play below and get familiar with Norf Town.