by AHoward


Without a doubt, we are a Hip-Hop publication. Rap is still what gets me up in the morning and helps me through my day. However, as a pure music fan, I often long for the renaissance of good rock music. While we may be a while from that in the mainstream, North Carolina band Sleepy Dog has been creating a strong buzz, which was solidified with their awesome album, Amor Fati.

Right out the gate, the band made a huge impression on me with the three-song-run at the beginning comprised of, “McKenzie, Come Back”, “I’m Looking For The Answer, Love” and, “Fallen Bees”, with the latter sounding like a nostalgic tribute to sappy teen Rom-Coms from the 1990s. With the rest of the album falling right in line with those three, Amor Fati creates a special experience for the listener, fulfilling a gaping hole in our musical hearts that’s been void since the bands of yesterday parished into obscurity.

Check out the project below and treat yourself to some Sleepy Dog, your brain will thank you for the Trap-Rap break.