January 22, 2019

Blossoming star Nick Rose shares new single, “Bloom”.


Connecticut’s Nick Rose just impressed the hell out of me with his latest single, “Bloom”. Nick has all the skills in the bag, as “Bloom” shows Nick’s talents in production, melody, and writing, making for an enjoyable listen through the whole track – not to mention that fire horns section at the end of the song’s production. Nick has been working extra hard these past few months, teaming up with his surrounding artists and hopping in on group tracks, but “Bloom” lets Nick stand out on his own and let all his talents shine. Nick’s no stranger to the rap flows, but I think his more melodic takes like Bloom are where his strengths lie, but only time will tell, for now, hit play on “Bloom” and maybe you’ll be impressed as I was.

Check out the single below.