Jan 16, 2019

Press play on Nic Earley’s latest offering.


by ASadler


Why is it that we do our most intense thinking about the ones we love when we’re in a car? Isn’t that dangerous? Thankfully, Covina, California native Nic Earley opted to stay motionless as he pours it all out in his new visual for single “Lord Knows.” And he added some raindrops to the windows to really tug our R&B heartstrings. Singing outside in the rain with an open shirt might’ve been too much.

“Lord Knows” was his lead single released in June en route to his debut EP For Everything I’ve Done. For his core fanbase, this was a long time coming but when you see the result it’s obvious why the smooth vocalist took his time. The video is sharp, clear, colorful and focused. The most elaborate gimmick would be the frames where Earley is spinning as he sings, but for me, that just conveys the sense of confusion he is in due to his lover.

The juxtaposition of his scenes in the car when he’s very distraught to the scenes where he’s seated and more composed illustrate the entire mood of the track. He’s fully aware that he’s been doing everything in his power to get things together with shawty, but he accepts that in the end, she’s in love with someone else. Though accept is used loosely, because he was sure to sneak in a jab about how “she gave the wrong king the right crown.” Is it dirty macking if it’s sung as beautifully and creatively as this? Up to you. Swaggy dirty macking? Is that a thing or too contradictory?

The opening head shake is also iconic. Don’t break Nic’s heart again. This Cali native who now resides in Harlem has some acting chops for sure. The emotionally-charged visual powered by Austin Henry Wallace puts on clear display that not only can the boy sing, but he can tell a story visually. Having performed in multiple live shows around NYC and LA recently, it seems everyone is starting to learn just how talented this young man is. Keeping God first, mastering his craft and revering those who paved the way is certainly a good foundation for a successful career.

I strongly encourage listening to the EP, as “Lord Knows” is just the intro. I look forward to seeing what this guy does next. Lord Knows, it’ll be something. In the meantime, check out the video above and the EP below.